GMA founder, Gamal Mostafa, acquired a small plot of agricultural land in Egypt after 40 years away from home. The idea was to build a relaxing getaway family farmhouse fenced with assortments of orderly set subplots of fruits and vegetables. In addition, the farm would have horse stables and a barn, which is how the outset of the farm was initially. It all took off from that enchanting farm to become an extremely busy farm as Passion evolved into Purpose.

GMA acquires an additional 600 acres and proudly becomes the owner and operator of 1000 acres of agricultural land located on the Alexandria-Cairo desert road, Egypt. This new land boosts operations in both human resources and farm production.

Acquisition of 400 acres of land to distinctively grow citrus fruits and grapes. The fruits were an addition to carefully selected mango, peach, plum, pear, and pomegranate fruits. GMA incorporated science and technology to establish a footprint among quality fruit growers in Egypt. GM Agriculture (GMA) was first introduced

GMA acquires (F.I.G) Food Investment Group; one of the leading companies in packaging, marketing, and distribution in Europe for fruits and vegetables, to help with penetration into the European market. FIG is located in a premium locale in Rotterdam, the logistic heart of the Netherlands and home to Europe’s largest seaport. A building area of 8,300 m2 with a modern cooling house encompasses 9 cooling cells, 14 loading docks, a cooled repacking area, and multiple office zones.

The operating system and premium quality yields in production volumes, qualifies GMA to earn exports to over 15 countries in the EU, MENA, GCC, Africa, and Asia.

GMA ventures into the calf fattening business, and begins to construct its own farm space that later receives approval to host and quarantine up to 30,000 bulls.