GMA Animal Production & Livestock Trade:

GMA Animal Production division is one of the largest calves fattening specialist farms in Egypt that conforms with international trade terms. We import the best calf breeds from Europe (Charolais, Angus, Limousine, Brown Swiss, Simmental) and South America (Colombian Brahman, Zebu, Nelore, Boran) into our fattening farms.

Averaging 275kg in weight per head, the calves arrive into our farms where the following services are professionally administered as part of the onboarding process:

Top-tier Veterinary Services

The new calves are quarantined once they land on the farms. A thorough diagnosis of foreign infectious diseases is done regularly while they are in quarantine. The check-up ensures our quality control is accurately fulfilled while meeting the international criteria for health and safety.

All our calves are ear-tagged with a unique number to accurately monitor their health. A status report on the bulls’ overall development cycle is recorded on a health status report on daily basis.


Our livestock is fed with quality fodder mixes to provide them with the essential nutrients needed for proper growth. A healthy diet for our livestock includes fiber, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins that provide the caloric needs of the growing calves. Their water troughs are always clean and flowing with desalinated water to complete their diet.

We nourish the cattle with a carefully designed blend of feed, created with the help of our in-house animal nutritionist and mixed on our farm to ensure accuracy. The cattle are routinely weighed throughout their stay on our farm to track their growth.

With the help of our veterinary team and our animal nutrition specialist, an independent veterinary consultant checks on the cattle regularly to ensure the efficiency of the process and the well-being of our calves.

Health & Safety

All our processes observe the highest standards of health and safety for both our animals and workers. We strictly enforce the best health and ethical practices in rearing our calves, which greatly influences meat quality.

Our cattle receive the best treatment while in our care. Their happiness is our happiness, and eventually our customer’s happiness as well. The result is premium, tender, juicy meat, that is free of any antibiotic residue.

We are currently working on establishing our very own abattoir to maintain the efficiency of our operations and to guarantee that our quality standards are maintained throughout their life cycle.










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