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The Founder & Chairman

“When I reflect on my journey decades ago, I recognize how far we’ve come. I’m grateful to all those that have played and continue to play an indispensable role in supporting our mission. Even when the path was not clear, determination and conviction from our passionate workforce made us reach our destination. This growth has been possible mainly because of two factors: the integrity of our people and our continuous investment in developing our skill sets. This sense of preparedness embodies our learning culture that encompasses every corner of the organization. Over the years, I have realized that if there’s one thing that makes an organization ready for the future, it’s by making sure new skills are acquired regularly. This also includes an approach borrowed from a game dear to me and millions worldwide – football. From matching skill sets to forming a formidable team, along with the strategic alignment of personal and professional goals with the vision of the company, this beautiful game illustrates the joy of winning against all odds. Looking back at the journey of the young man four decades ago, there’s a deep sense of satisfaction. The path has been long and hard. But sheer determination, the strength of belief, and a passionate workforce made my long-cherished dream possible. As GMA continues to expand and diversify, I am confident its success will continue to flourish far into the future. A solid foundation of long-standing values will elevate our standing to be more than we are today.”

Gamal Mostafa, Founder & Chairman

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“The origins of GMA were humble, but the vision was far from being small. Our vision is shared by each of our committed employees, who embrace our values and ethics.

GMA believes in good corporate governance as a prerequisite for meeting the needs and aspirations of our stakeholders. These attributes see us emerge triumphant despite daunting odds and challenges.

My role within the company is to forge, maintain, and strengthen our professional network and expand our local, regional, and export markets to supply quality products to a greater global customer base. My mission is to build our supply chain and satisfy the continually growing local and international demand for the finest agricultural produce. The intention is to outline our vision, strategy, plans and emphasize the advantages of working in partnership with GMA.

Under my leadership, along with my impeccable team, GMA has increased overall revenues by up to 40% by growing premium products, which are exported to over 15 countries worldwide. Our agricultural produce portfolio offers all-year seasonal fruit, vegetables, and beef.

We are always chasing our quest to become a “Company of Choice” by growing and supplying premium quality agricultural produce and expand GMA with our values.