We grow the produce



We reap the harvest


We sort and pack
the end product


We deliver on our promise of premium quality products.

Our assortment of premium fruits and vegetables offer a range of products that keep our local, regional, and international business partners resourcefully roofed all year long.

Our supply chain network across Egypt bolsters our ability to deliver a diverse assortment of produce. The network also helps us meet the increasing local and global demand for agricultural produce.

Our tried-and-true Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) distinctly outline the particular processes for each task on our farms. Our processes include landscape management, soil preparation, planting, manuring, irrigation, weeding, integrated pest management, crop management, harvesting, and post-harvest handling.


The SOPs highlight our 5 essential operational aspects while performing each task: productivity, efficiency, health and safety, cost-effectiveness, and image.

By evolving our production methods and post-harvest processes to meet top industry standards, we ensure our ability to deliver our products to our customers consistently and efficiently.

Our farms are GLOBAL G.A.P certified, GRASP compliant, and verified by Sedex’s SMETA Ethical Audit. This is a testament to our commitment to quality and our unwavering determination to maintain our social responsibility as a reliable global source for ethically produced crops.